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new Budapest Pass (Parliament Tour / Danube Sightseeing Cruise / City Tour) ».

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Budapest Card?

The Budapest Card is your metaphorical key to the city of Budapest that can be used in one of three ways – as a transport pass, with free transportation on all of the city’s public transport options, as a museum pass that can carry you through the rich and varied history of the city, and as a discount card that can save you more than a little money during your stay in Budapest. A Budapest card brings with it free passes to dozens of museums, discounts to restaurants, bars, and shops, and free walking tours to help you familiarize yourself with this amazing city.

What are the benefits of the Budapest Card?

The most useful benefit of the Budapest Card is that it helps you save both time and money. You can see dozens of amazing attractions on the cost of the card alone which, depending on the size of your party can easily save you hundreds of Euros. Whether you’re looking for a spa day at one of the city’s many Thermal Baths, or more interested in taking in a show at a historic theater or museum, the Budapest Card has something for everyone.

What discounts does the Budapest Card offer?

The Budapest card offers discounts on transportation, attraction admission, sightseeing tours, restaurants, and spa treatments. Additionally, the card offers free admission to all of Budapest’s public transportation, one of the legendary thermal baths, and more than a dozen of the city’s stunning and historic museums. There are also free walking tours that you can take advantage of with the Budapest Card, which will show you everything from the Fisherman’s Bastion in the Burda Castle District to the astonishingly beautiful St Stephens Basilica on the Pest side of the city.

Is the Budapest Card worth it?

The Budapest Card gives you free access to the city´s transport system and comes with hundreds of discounts on musea, attractions, bars, restaurants and thermal baths. Not only does the card save you money, it gives you the freedom to see the city the way you want to see it and the convenience to visit all of the amazing attractions that Budapest has to offer, on your own terms. That said, only you can decide if the Budapest Card is worth the investment.

What is the new Hungary Digital Nomad Visa?

The Hungary Digital Nomad Visa, also known as the White Card, is a one-year residence permit that allows remote workers to live and work legally in Hungary.